Miss Torso represented Lisa – Graceful, beautiful, popular, but longing for the man she loved that wasn’t home. We see him return to her, and he’s just a simple soldier, nothing fancy. She represents the love Lisa has for Jeff, even though he is a simple wanderer.

The composer represents Jeff’s frustrated artist. He is trapped in his wheelchair and cannot express himself. He has the inspiration, but cannot get it on paper. We see this when he talks to his editor and can’t go on assignment.

The married couples represent Jeff’s fears of marriage.  The nagging wife (the murdered wife) the sagging wife (the older lady that sleeps outside with her husband) and the anchor of family (the people with kid)

The newlyweds represent the “honeymoon” phase of marriage that is all intimacy and excitement. Jeff is attracted to this, but he keeps returning to his fears

Miss Lonely Hearts represents another, more subtle fear Jeff has. She is on the bottom, and often forgotten.  The fears stack based on where they are in his psyche. He doesn’t want to end up alone, but he fears being tied down more than being alone.

He has pity for Miss Lonely Hearts, but doesn’t do anything to help her, even when it is clear that she is about to kill herself. He keeps getting distracted by other things.

Lisa is stronger, and more fearless than Jeff. She is ready to adapt to his life, but unlike Jeff, she is not in any danger of losing herself. She read his magazine, and then returned to her own.

lonely hearts is pretending to have a romantic dinner while jeff has one but isn’t in the moment

mrs thorwald is an invalid, he is an invalid, a reverse mirror, danger, potential for abuse/ mrs thorwald looks like Lisa, wears the same nightgown


He doesn’t have the strength to let her go, and she refuses to leave despite how he hurts her. She will wear him down eventually.

The song is called lisa

Represents the relationship between himself and lisa

The song redeems Mrs. Lonely hearts

lisa and lonely hearts stop to listen to music. It saves Lonley, and puts Lisa at risk.

Lisa puts on the ring, it is like she is the resurrection of mrs. Thorwald