Child using level to build

Stay Busy with STEM in the Summertime

I have a love/hate relationship with listicles. One one hand, they can provide a lot of useful information in a hurry. If you get the concept easy and just need the high-level view for most things, but occasionally want to drill down a little, listicles are great.  Unfortunately, click bait sites have ruined the list.  SEO specialists learned that using numbers in your titles drives organic traffic. Now it is almost impossible to go online and not see something like “10 Reasons This Article Misrepresents Itself. Number 5 Made Us Cry!”

The worst part is that even though I KNOW a link is click bait, curiosity often forces me to click anyway, only to be disappointed again.  That’s why, on the rare occasion I am called to do a roundup, I try to make the information as useful and non-clickbaity as possible.

It was a lot of fun learning about all the fun tech-related things there are to do in Atlanta. I wish I could say I used my summer productively and tried them all.


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