Partha Unnava holding the BetterWalk crutch

Say Goodbye to Painful Crutches Thanks to this Atlanta Engineer

As someone who is mobility impaired, this feature meant more to me than most. I have used almost every walking assistive device in existence, and I am painfully familiar with all of their shortcomings.  I was excited to speak with the founder of BWHealth (formally BetterWalk).

When I do interviews, I end up paraphrasing what they say more than directly quoting them. That’s because people speak in starts and stops, stutter, um, and lose their train of thought. Very few people sound intelligent and composed when speaking naturally.

Partha Unnava was an exception. He gave me so many great quotes I had trouble fitting them in. The quote at the end of the interview struck me so profoundly, I added it to my collection of wise quotes.

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