OVIVO Indie Game Review – OPN

When I do a review I like to research the studio and developers to learn more about the people that made the game. The problem with doing this, though, is that it puts a face on the game you’re critiquing.

OVIVO was created by a team of three young developers who had never made a game before. It’s beautiful, artistic, and different enough to stand out from the standard platformers that seem to drop on Steam like a game mill.  However, as a reviewer, it is my job to find flaws and point them out. This is where knowing about the people behind the game becomes painful. Even minor criticism feels personal when you’re addressing it to an indie studio regarding their debut game.  That said, more harm comes from empty praise than honest critique. If everything you hear is golden, there is no impetus to grow.

Knowing this doesn’t make it easier.

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