Technician Repairing an Oven

Oven Repair – Atlanta

I started my career in writing as a technical writer. I wrote over 400 how-to articles for a customer-facing self-help portal. I wrote everything from how to build a web page to how to power cycle your modem. Despite this, it was a little intimidating to write web content for

Partha Unnava holding the BetterWalk crutch

Say Goodbye to Painful Crutches Thanks to this Atlanta Engineer

As someone who is mobility impaired, this feature meant more to me than most. I have used almost every walking assistive device in existence, and I am painfully familiar with all of their shortcomings.  I was excited to speak with the founder of BWHealth (formally BetterWalk). When I do interviews,

Image of a bonsai tree

The Pain of Pruning

Some writers crank out thousands of words a day and complete their stories from start to finish with very few surprises along the way. There is editing to be done, but the first draft has everything it needs to survive. Other writers claim that their stories are told to them

Norman Has a Brilliant Idea

The red-circled date on the wall calendar caught Norman’s attention. He’d been on his way to the refrigerator to claim his morning cup of juice when he spotted the reminder. It was the 15th, bill paying day. Norman preferred to spend Saturday mornings in his bathrobe, watching reruns from the

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